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The Sigalagala National Polytechnic – Imparting Skills, Changing Lives and Growing the Economy “Give Sigalagala a trainee and Sigalagala will give back a worker and an entrepreneur” Mr. Tom W. Mulati Sigalagala imparts skills which change the lives of the graduates. It positively impacts the immediate and wider community. Sigalagala National Polytechnic has grown from a trade school in 1950 to a National Polytechnic in 2016. The Polytechnic has expanded both qualitatively and quantitatively. Today the Polytechnic boasts an enrolment of over 4,000 trainees and offers over 100 courses (Higher National Diploma, Diploma, Certificate and CBET courses). The Polytechnic is also endowed with ultra …

Board Of Management

Mr. Christopher Oselu

Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Fred Carter

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Lucas Wegesa

Dean of Students

Mr. Patrick Ngore

Deputy principal admin

Mr. Tom W. Mulati