Information Communication Technology department was established in 2002 under Information Science department before being independent in 2006. By then, it was offering Diploma in Information Technology in three modules namely: – module I, II and III and Diploma in computer studies-BTEP. In 2010 the department introduced Diploma in Information Communication Technology which replaced the Diploma in information technology. The department trains theoretical, practical and technical aspects of ICT that are geared towards helping the trainees fit in formal or informal employment. The courses offered are examined by KNEC and City & guilds; in addition we are an examination centre of these examining bodies.

The world is becoming a global village because of ICT, as such, nearly all activities depend on information technology, and therefore any institution still ignoring ICT will become irrelevant. The management has given automation as one of the priority projects and in the process of computerizing all the departments in the polytechnic.

One of the pillars of vision 2030 is driven by ICT because the future of Kenya is based on knowledge and to achieve this goal, new students admitted to this polytechnic undergo a compulsory basic ICT training in application areas in order for them to appreciate the importance of Information Technology in their daily lives.

We are proud of our products from the polytechnic in facilitating national economic growth and development through appropriating application of Information Communication in provision of quality services to different sectors of our economy.


Courses offered in the ICT department and the entry requirement for a Diploma and Certificate is C- (minus) and D+ (Plus) respectively:

  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology (Module I, II, and III)
  • Craft Certificate in Information Technology (Module I and II)
  • Certificate in Information Technology Systems Support
  • Diploma in Information Technology Systems Support
  • International Computer Driving Licence(ICDL)
  • IC3-Internet & core computing certification
  • Diploma in Computer studies.
  • Cisco certification.
  • Oracle certification.
  • Accounting packages(sage)

Computer Packages

Currently, the department is offering Computer Packages as a short course. Time frame ranges between ten to twenty hours per package. Packages covered include the following:

  • Introduction to Computers & operating Systems
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Internet & E-mail

Computer Skills

The training offered by ICT department imparts the following skills to trainees:

  • Assembling and disassembling of computers
  • Type-setting/computer operator
  • Database administration
  • Network administration
  • Web Designing
  • Programming using various programming languages.


The department has the following trainers:

  1. Ms. Kweyu Colleta – Head of Department
  2. Mr. Wakhu Benson – Deputy head of Department
  3. Mr. Chekulesi Andrew MIS Manager
  4. Mr. Simiyu Jeremiah
  5. Mr. Muchesia Protus
  6. Ms. Kweta Patricia
  7. Mr. Mutsotso Dennis
  8. Mr. M’mbaha Fredrick
  9. Mr. Abuti David
  10. Ms. Muliru Shilah
  11. Ms. Mogeni Lilian
  12. Mr. Menda Solomon