The department is concerned with the physical and the life sciences. It aims at offering the trainees the opportunity of developing investigative skills, (assessing all the qualities of objects in an objective manner) and applying them to the benefit of society through problem solving. The courses offered include Diploma in Applied biology, Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, Diploma in environmental science and Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology.


  • To equip students with essential skills such as planning, observation, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, application, research and entrepreneurship in order to enhance their chances in the job market.
  • To enable students to gain health education and sustainable use of the environment through a better understanding of their surroundings.
  • To enable students to develop problem solving skills approach to various challenges.
  • To enhance laboratory and workshop safety awareness in students to enhance research in an environmentally safe manner.
  • To enhance teamwork approach to problem solving.


The world is currently relying on scientific and more practical approaches in developing practical solutions to problems such as proper nutrition, energy saving measures, sustainability of energy solutions, and wealth creation among others. For these reasons, many research organisations and institutions of learning require competent personnel to carry out scientific procedures in an accurate and reliable manner in order to give usable results and expose the students to lifelong learning. (Such laboratories will continually need skilled personnel to handle their clients). The agro-based institutions and facilities still have an insatiable need for well-trained Agricultural and extension personnel.

Our trainees acquire skills that will enable them to work in teaching institution laboratories, health services laboratories, research institution laboratories science-based industries and food processing industries. They should also be able to set up their own applied science based entrepreneurial situations?


All the courses offered in the department have their main intakes in January, May and September (full time/regular program).the department also has an off-campus program inApril,AugustandDecember.


The department has the following functional sections for the effective administration of its activities:

  1. Guidance and counselling
  2. Industrial liaisons
  3. Examinations
  4. Time tabling
  5. Research and innovation
  6. Production Units, marketing and linkages
  7. Integrity assurance
  8. Welfare
  9. Biological
  10. Physics
  11. Chemistry

Each section is under the leadership of a section head.