Message from the Principal

The Sigalagala National Polytechnic – Imparting Skills, Changing Lives and Growing the Economy

“Give Sigalagala a trainee and Sigalagala will give back a worker and an entrepreneur”

Sigalagala imparts skills which change the lives of the graduates. It positively impacts the immediate and wider community.

Sigalagala National Polytechnic has grown from a trade school in 1950 to a National Polytechnic in 2016. The Polytechnic has expanded both qualitatively and quantitatively. Today the Polytechnic boasts an enrolment of over 4,000 trainees and offers over 100 courses (Higher National Diploma, Diploma, Certificate and CBET courses). The Polytechnic is also endowed with ultra modern facilities which include the smart classroom and library. There are also well equipped workshops, ICT laboratory, hospitality industry and a Guest House.

The Polytechnic has produced some of the best graduates who are engaged throughout the economy and has recently assumed a very strategic position geared towards Vision 2030. This is by working collaboratively with Durham College, Canada in the development of the Competency Based Education Training curriculum which is meant to guarantee skills acquisition by all trainees. The Polytechnic has ensured that, the skills imparted are not only relevant but also aligned to the demands of the labour market. This has partially been bolstered by the consultations and partnerships with industry and also by the Senior Experts flown in to work with trainers. Such partnerships and SES have been indispensable in the quality of skills imparted. Sigalagala National Polytechnic is a pioneer TVET institution in the formation of Institutional Advisory Committee (IAC) with industry in order to develop market driven courses. Informed by the skills-labour market nexus, the Polytechnic has diversified the courses offered in order to graduate trainees who yield a high output in formal employment, can spot a niche in the market or can confidently and successfully venture into entrepreneurship. The very opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial skills has led to the creation of sustainable enterprises as evidenced by the testimonies of some graduates. Thus Sigalagala graduates are oriented to ample and decent employment opportunities, as well as self employment.

Aware of the TVETs invaluable contribution to Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, Sigalagala has provided opportunities for those in the formal employment or industry to upgrade their skills, pursue sustainable practices, become more competitive and spur economic growth. Revamping the knowledge, skills and competencies of the labour force is a clear demonstration of understanding the changing requirements, and evolving mechanisms to address issues of unemployment, underemployment and reduction in the mismatch between skills and jobs.

Through partnership with Kakamega County, the Polytechnic has changed the face of Kakamega town through the provision of fabricated kiosks made at Sigalagala by the students of the Mechanical Department. In response to the Government’s call for harnessing natural energy, the Polytechnic offers short courses on Solar PV installation. The community within and without is set to benefit from the services of those who undergo this training as the drive towards green energy gathers momentum.

Finally, the role played by Sigalagala National Polytechnic in successfully mentoring several technical institutions in the region underscores the capacity of the Polytechnic to transfer technical knowledge to those who must tap it to empower others and make them productive in diverse fields.